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NIH WSA Scholar Award

Victoria Avanzato, Marta Markiewicz-Potoczny, Francesca Barone, and Michael Gottesman

WSA Scholars are selected from a pool of all the female FARE award (Fellow Award for Research Excellence) winners, by a panel of WSA institute representatives. The FARE award honors outstanding scientific research performed by intramural postdoctoral fellows.

Congratulations to our 2021 awardees!

  • Victoria Avanzato, B.S., NIAID, “A structural basis for neutralization of Nipah virus via antibody-mediated targeting of the fusion glycoprotein”
  • Marta Markiewicz-Potoczny, Ph.D., NCI, “TRF2-independent telomere protection in pluripotent stem cells”
  • Francesca Barone, Ph.D., NEI, “Outer retina reconstruction using a tissue engineered transplant”

WSA Scholars of 2020

  • Alix Warburton (NIAID)
  • Ida Fredriksson (NIDA)

WSA Scholars of 2019

  • Aleksandra Ivovic (OxCam Graduate Partnership Program)
  • Navdeep Malik (NCI)
  • Yu-Ting Su (NCI)

WSA Scholars of 2018

  • Karen Plevock-Haase (NICHD)
  • Shweta Singh (NCI)
  • Shi Zhang (NIA)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2017

  • Sarah Deasy (NCI)
  • Shuang Tang (NIEHS)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2016

  • Sigal Shachar (NCI)
  • Heekyong Bae (NCI)
  • Neelan Dabas Sen (NICHD)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2015

  • Bari Ballew (NCI)
  • Barbara Nicol (NIEHS)
  • Christine Jao (NIDDK)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2014

  • Sarah Cohen (NICHD)
  • Weina Cong (NIA)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2013

  • Zhifei Wang (NIMH)
  • Emmie de Wit (NIAID)

WSA Scholar Awardees 2012

  • Anne Lai (NIEHS)
  • Yurong Song (NCI-CRR)
  • Shruti Naik (NIAID)

WSA Scholar Awardees of 2011

  • Elizabeth Grice (NHGRI)
  • Sita Laximi Thirunavukkarasu (NCI)

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