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NIH Staff Clinician Council

The mission of the NIH Staff Clinician Council is to advocate for the professional development of NIH Staff Clinicians as clinician-scientists and to support their ongoing provision of high-quality and cutting-edge clinical care to NIH patients and research subjects. Stay connected by joining and using our listserv, STAFFCLIN-L. This listserv, moderated by the Staff Clinician Council, is an official channel to reach all Staff Clinicians.

COVID-19 Announcement: As Staff Clinicians we are accustomed to dealing with difficult and stressful circumstances, but our capacity to do so, our resilience, is likely being extraordinarily challenged in these uncertain times of COVID-19. Recognizing that individuals need support in bolstering their resilience during this period, the Office of Intramural Training and Education will offer a resilience and wellness online discussion session for clinician-scientists. If you would be interested in participating in such a session, please contact Carl Hashimoto (, Senior Advisor for Faculty Development in the Office of Intramural Research, who is helping to organize the session.

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