National Institutes of Health Synaptic and Developmental Plasticity Interest Group

Synaptic and Developmental Plasticity Interest Group

example of synaptic developmental plasticity
The Synaptic and Developmental Plasticity Interest Group brings together neuroscientists representing diverse areas as molecular and cell biology, synaptic physiology and systems neuroscience. The meetings are seminars by outside speakers invited by student and postdocs at NICHD, NIDCD, NIMH, NINDS. 

The group moderator is Chris McBain

Photo provided by A. Buonanno

Synaptic Integration Seminar Series
The Synaptic Integration Seminar Series is organized by students, postdocs and young faculty at the NIH. We are interested in multiple aspects of brain function, including the cellular basis of synaptic transmission and plasticity, synaptic structure, neuronal network activity and development of synaptic connections, as well as novel techniques that can give insights into these topics. We host young investigators from across the country and encourage interactions with the local NIH scientific community.


We meet on Tue-Wed from 11:00 AM to noon in the seminar room in building 35. After each seminar, we meet together with the speakers for a lunch in building 35 cafeteria. 

All are welcome!  

Photo provided by K.Pelkey

The current members of the organizing committee include:

Alon Poleg-Polsky                   Diamond lab/NINDS

Natalie Shanks                              Roche lab/NINDS


Past members: 

Megan Wyeth                                                McBain lab/NICHD
Justin Kerr                                                  Diamond lab/NINDS
Antonio Sanz-Clemente                                   Roche lab/NINDS
Annalisa Scimemi                                       Diamond lab/NINDS

Baranidharan Raman                                    Stopfer lab/NICHD
Bo-Shiun Chen                                               Roche lab/NINDS
Brian Erkkila                                                 McBain lab/NICHD
Catherine Swanwick-Croft                          Wenthold lab/NIDCD
Christine Torborg                                          McBain lab/NICHD
Diana Ma                                                  Brenowitz lab/NIDCD
Elizabeth Webber                                       Wenthold lab/NIDCD
Iori Ito                                                         Stopfer lab/NICHD
Jason Snyder                                             Cameron lab/NIMH
Ken Pelkey                                                    McBain lab/NICHD
Yuan Lu                                                               Lu lab/NICHD

Ad hoc supporters (i.e. hosted a speaker w/o being part of the organizing committee):

Amelie Soumier                                            Cameron lab/NIMH
Avinash Pujala                                            O'Donovan lab/NIMH
Benjamin McNeil                                                    Wu lab/NINDS
Jose Matta                                                       McBain lab/NICHD
Milos Sedlacek                                             Brenowitz lab/NIDCD
Noah Roy                                                    Brenowitz lab/NIDCD
Stefan Kolata                                              Nakazawa lab/NIMH
Wade Kothmann                                            Diamond lab/NINDS
Woody Shew                                                      Plenz lab/NIMH

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