National Institutes of Health Polyunsaturated Lipid Function Interest Group
The PUFA Group

PL figureThe Polyunsaturated Lipid Function Special Interest Group is an interdisciplinary cross-institute group focusing on many facets of the function of complex lipids. Members of the group have interests that include compositional, metabolic and nutritional aspects of the essential fatty acids often denoted as PUFA. The term "function" in the title signals our intent to bring together physiologists, clinicians, neurobiologists, pharmacologists and others interested in how polyunsaturated fatty acids function in tissues. Another important interest of the group involves the biophysics and spectroscopy of polyunsaturated lipids in tissue membranes, and physical chemists are encouraged to participate.

We invite colleagues with interests in polyunsaturated fatty acid functions to "Join the SIG" by registering as a member to receive e-mail and maintain e-mail contacts with scientists of similar interests.  Further interactions are facilitated by the schedule of future "Meetings and Seminars".  The list of "Related Links" gives easy access to sites hosted by other groups. One link to the closely related site provides more extended information listed as "Research Stories" with annotated bibliographies that further expand visitors' information on the topic of essential fatty acids.

The group moderator is John Paul SanGiovanni.

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