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Day Date Time Location Topic(s) Speaker(s)
Friday 03/20/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Calcium/synaptotagmin-mediated compound fusion increases quantal size and contributes to post-tetanic potentiation at synapses   Lei Xue (Wu Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/06/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Oxytocin and the oxytocin receptor: implications for maternal and social behaviors   Abbe Macbeth (Young Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 02/27/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Molecular mechanism facilitating the synchronization of synaptic vesicle fusion   Pingyue Pan (Sheng Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 02/20/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Investigating object representations in the primate temporal lobe   Andrew H. Bell (Ungerleider Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 02/13/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neuronal avalanches imply maximum dynamic range in neuronal networks   Woodrow Shew (Plenz Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 02/06/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  The Neural Substrate of Spectral Preference in Drosophila   Shuying Gao (Lee Lab, NICHD) 
Friday 01/30/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Coupling diverse routes of calcium entry to mitochondrial dysfunction and glutamate excitotoxicity   Ruslan Stanika (Andrews Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/23/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Parkinson's Linked Ubiquitin Ligase Parkin Promotes Autophagy of Impaired Mitochondria   Derek Narendra (Youle Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/09/09 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Postnatal Ablation of NMDA Receptors in Corticolimbic Interneurons Leads to Psychiatric-Like Behavior   Juan Belforte (Nakazawa Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 12/19/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Finding the Balance: Inhibitory control of excitation in a dynamic hippocampal circuit   Christine Torborg (McBain lab) 
Friday 12/12/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Functional emergence of feed-forward inhibition in the developing mouse barrel cortex   Ram Chittajallu (Isaac lab) 
Friday 12/05/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Origins, propagation, and control of noise through a multilayer neuronal circuit   Joby Joseph (Stopfer lab) 
Friday 11/07/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  sox2 signaling in the developing inner ear   Chandrakala Puligilla (Kelley lab) 
Friday 10/31/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Hippocampal inhibition isn’t always about timing   Michael Daw (McBain lab) 
Friday 10/24/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Potency and fate specification in CNS stem cell populations   Daniel Hoeppner (McKay lab) 
Friday 10/17/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Glutamate receptor trafficking and phosphorylation: mechanisms regulating excitatory synapse   Young Ho Suh (Roche lab) 
Friday 10/10/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Kainic acid-induced gamma oscillations leads to increased resistance to excitotoxicity?   Seiichiro Jinde (Nakazawa lab) 
Friday 10/03/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  AMPA receptor goes off and on, mood swings up and down   Jing Du (Manji lab) 
Friday 09/19/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Deconstructing voltage sensor function and pharmacology in voltage-activated sodium channels   Frank Bosmans (Swartz lab) 
Friday 06/06/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Modeling framing and sunk cost effects in monkeys performing reinforcement schedule tasks   Giancarlo La Camera (Richmond lab, NIMH) 
Friday 05/23/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Rapid, bidirectional remodeling of synaptic NMDA receptor subunit composition by A-type K+ channels   Sung-Cherl Jung (Hoffman lab, NICHD) 
Friday 05/16/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Gating the pore of P2X receptor channels   Mufeng Li (Swartz lab) 
Friday 04/18/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Genetic manipulation of protein synthesis in mouse brain: Regulation of memory consolidation through targeted activation of PKR   Zhihong Jiang (Nakazawa lab, NIMH) 
Friday 03/28/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Pushing the limits - Effects of noninvasive brain stimulation on visuomotor skill learning   Brita Fritsch and Janine Reis (Cohen lab) 
Friday 03/21/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Temporally diverse firing patterns in olfactory receptor neurons underlie spatio-temporal neural codes for odors   Baranidharan Raman (Stopfer lab, NICHD) 
Friday 03/14/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of kainate receptors: Trafficking & Phosphorylation   Yukiko Nishimura (Roche lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/07/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  IGF-1 protects motorneurons and skeletal muscle from polyglutamine-expanded androgen receptor toxicity in spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy   Isabella Palazzolo (Fischbeck lab) 
Friday 02/29/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neuronal transporters shape glutamatergic signaling at Schaffer collateral synapses   Annalisa Scimemi (Diamond lab) 
Friday 02/15/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Tuberoinfundibular peptide of 39 residues regulates anxiety and fear   Darren Fegley (Usdin lab) 
Friday 02/08/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  GTP- and dynamin-independent endocytosis at a central synapse   Jianhua Xu (Wu lab) 
Friday 02/01/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease and related disorders   David Miller (Cookson lab) 
Friday 01/25/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Do you remember your first KiSS? Intracellular signaling through GPR54 in neuroendocrine cells.   Stephanie Constantin (Wray lab) 
Friday 01/18/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Can axons be two-way streets? Evidence that changes in membrane potential at the nerve terminal can backpropagate and affect action potential initiation.  Ken Paradiso (Wu lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/11/08 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  The Statistical Mechanics of Cerebral Cortex   Michael Buice (Chow lab) 
Friday 12/14/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Axonal transport and presynaptic assembly   Qian Cai (Sheng lab) 
Friday 12/07/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Ischemia elicited oxidative modulation of Ca2+/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II   Pavan Shetty (Huang lab) 
Friday 11/30/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Odor evoked neural oscillations in Drosophila   Nobuaki Tanaka 
Friday 11/16/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  “PICKing” out Ca2+ permeable AMPARs at developing mossy-fiber CA3 pyramid synapses   Michelle Tsz wan ho 
Friday 10/26/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Nested Θ/γ–oscillations composed of neuronal avalanches are regulated by dopamine during cortex development   Elakkat D. Gireesh 
Friday 10/19/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Synaptically-released coagonist influences activation of NMDA receptors on retinal ganglion cells   Trisha Kalbaugh 
Friday 10/12/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Characterizing the stability and degradation of the survival of motor neuron (SMN) protein   Barrington Burnett 
Friday 10/05/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  From gene to behavior: Roles of activity-dependent expression of BDNF in learning and memory, depression and anxiety   Kazuko Sakata 
Friday 09/28/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  From spikes to perception: how visual neurons are adapted to our environment and support depth perception   Hendrikje Nienborg & Ralf Haefner 
Friday 09/21/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  The role of spartin in endocytosis: from Hela cells to mice   Joanna Bakowska 
Friday 09/14/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Cdk5 activator, p35, causes neurodegeneration in Drosophila   Veta Trunova 
Friday 09/07/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Cortical and spinal plasticity after motor skill training   Monica Perez (Cohen lab) 
Friday 05/18/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Coding of binocular images in the monkey visual cortex   Seiji Tanabe (Cumming Lab, NEI) 
Friday 05/04/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  From actions to habits: the integrative functions of cortico-basal ganglia networks   Henry Yin (Lovinger Lab, NIAAA) 
Friday 04/20/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Identification of odorant receptor-interacting protein Ubc9 as an axon guidance molecule   Kai Cheng (Belluscio Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 04/13/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Inventory of membrane anchored ubiquitin ligases reveals new regulators of mitochondria and ER   Albert Neutzner (Youle Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 04/06/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Illuminating the Molecular and Cellular Logic of experience-dependent cortical information processing   Kuan Hong Wang, Investigator, NIMH 
Friday 03/30/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Architecture of postsynaptic density at a dendritic spine in cultured rat hippocampal neurons   Xiaobing Chen (Rees lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/23/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Structure and mechanism of glutamate receptor modulation by anions   Andrew Plested (Mayer Lab, NICHD) 
Friday 03/16/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  What can we learn about mammalian glutamate transporters from bacterial homologs?   Renae Ryan (Mindell Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/09/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neurophysiology of time and space: neuronal activity related to relative duration and distance judgments in monkey frontal cortex   Satoshi Tsujimoto (Steve Wise Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 02/23/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  A kinetic model of a Na channel in Raphé pacemaker neurons: Model building and real-time testing   Lorin Milescu (Smith Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 02/02/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Coordinated activity in a GnRH-1 neuronal network   Stéphanie Constantin (Wray Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/26/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Unexpected findings on the function and organization of mammalian spinal motoneurons   George Mentis (O'Donovan Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/12/07 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Rem2, an RGK family small GTPase, modulates N-type calcium channels   Huanmian Chen (Ikeda Lab, NIAAA) 
Friday 12/15/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neuronal basis of cortical reorganization following nerve injury   Galit Pelled (Koretsky Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 12/08/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Adult neurogenesis and spatial memory   Jason Snyder (Cameron Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 12/01/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Sliding on up to the synapse: the role of lateral diffusion in AMPA receptor trafficking   Michael Ashby (Isaac Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 11/17/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  A novel gene targeting technique for dissection of neuronal networks   Haojiang Luan (White Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 11/03/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of NR2C-containing NMDA Receptors by Phosphorylation   Bo-Shiun Chen (Roche Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 10/27/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Linking odor perception and its spatio-temporal neural representation in an insect model   Iori Ito (Stopfer Lab, NICHD) 
Friday 06/09/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Kinase activity and inhibition of LRRK2, a common genetic cause of Parkinson’s disease   Elisa Greggio (Cookson Lab, NIA) 
Friday 05/26/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Differential localizations and functions of STAM endocytic adaptor proteins   Neggy Rismanchi (Blackstone Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 05/12/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of surface expression of Cav2.2 calcium channels at synaptic sites by microtubule associated protein Light-Chain 2   Miriam Leenders (Sheng Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 04/28/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Kinetic regulation of vesicle endocytosis at a central synapse   Wei Wu (Wu Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 04/14/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Mechanisms of motor neuron degeneration in a polyglutamine disease   Maria Pennuto (Fischbeck Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/31/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Social Hour    
Friday 03/17/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Location of the gate in cyclic nucleotide gated channels   Jorge Contreras (Holmgren Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 03/03/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of dendritic excitability by activity-dependent trafficking of the A-type potassium channel subunit Kv4.2 in hippocampal neurons   Jinhyun Kim (Hoffman Lab, NICHD) 
Friday 02/17/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  The neurophysiology of strategies and goal selection   Aldo Genovesio (Wise Lab, NIMH) 
Friday 02/03/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neural precursor cell proliferation and differentiation: the role of Vax homeobox genes in the eye and in the brain   Stefano Bertuzzi (Arnheiter Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/20/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulating stem cell numbers in vitro and in vivo   Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis (McKay Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 01/06/06 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Regulation of synaptic NMDA receptors   Kate Prybylowski (Wenthold Lab, NIDCD) 
Friday 12/16/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Hedgehog signaling in development of the mammalian cochlear sensory epithelium   Elizabeth Driver (Kelley Lab, NIDCD) 
Friday 12/02/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Feedback inhibition in the mammalian retina   Andres Chavez (Diamond Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 11/18/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Tarantula toxins interacting with membranes and potassium channel voltage sensors   Mirela Milescu (Swartz Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 11/04/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Genetics of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders   Jordi Clarimon (Singleton Lab, NIA) 
Friday 10/28/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Neuronal avalanches: stable propagation of patterns of all sizes in neocortical circuits   Tara Thiagarajan (Plenz Lab, NIMH) 
Tuesday 10/25/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Nature and plasticity of the releasable vesicle pool in hippocampal neurons   Steve Mennerick, Washington University, St. Louis 
Friday 10/14/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  Mitochondrial dynamics in neurological disorders   Mariusz Karbowski (Youle Lab, NINDS) 
Friday 09/30/05 4:00 Bldg 35, Room BB-1000  State-dependent plasticity of mossy fiber-interneuron synaptic transmission: exposing potentiation of naked mossy fibers   Ken Pelkey (McBain Lab, NICHD) 
Friday 07/11/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  Dynamin-like GTPases in Neurodegenerative Disorders   Craig Blackstone, NINDS 
Friday 06/13/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  Regulation of Glutamate Receptor Trafficking   Katherine Roche, NINDS 
Friday 05/16/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  The Drosophila homolog of human Down Syndrome Critical Region 1 gene regulates learning and long-term memory: implications for mental retardation in Down syndrome   Kyung-Tai Min, NINDS 
Friday 04/04/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  Neurotrapping: Identifying behavioral circuits using suppressors of activity   Ben White, NIMH 
Friday 03/07/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  Making Scents of the Mouse Olfactory Bulb   Leo Belluscio, NINDS 
Friday 02/21/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  Theta-burst pairing potentiation in CA1 hippocampal neurons.   Dax Hoffman, NICHD 
Friday 01/24/03 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  ClC chloride channels: function, structure and more....   Joe Mindell, NINDS 
Friday 12/06/02 4:00 Bldg 36, Room 1B-13  "Olfactory coding by dynamic networks of neurons"   Mark Stopfer, NICHD 
Friday 06/01/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Excitatory Synaptic Inputs to Ganglion Cells in Rat Retina   Shan Chen (Jeff Diamond's Lab) 
Friday 05/11/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Deciphering the proliterative nature of stem cells   Robert Tsai (Ron McKay's Lab) 
Friday 05/04/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  " Activity-dependent regulation on BDNF receptor Trk B insertion and internalization"   Jing Du (Bai Lu's Lab) 
Friday 04/20/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Neural correlates of semantic memory   Linda Chao, NIMH (Alex Martin Lab) 
Friday 04/06/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  "Activity-dependent signaling between neurons and glia: Molecular mechanisms and functional consequences."   Beth Stevens, NICHD 
Friday 03/23/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Structural Pre-ordering in Ribosomal Protein S4   Eric Sayers, NIDCR 
Friday 02/23/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Calcium signals in corticostriatal information processing   Jason Kerr, NIMH (Dietmar Plenz Lab) 
Friday 02/09/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Hormonal mechanisms for cooperative breeding in mammals   Luci Roberts, NICHD (Steve Suomi Lab) 
Friday 01/12/01 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  High resolution structures of the ligand binding core of GluR0: An old horse learns new tricks   Mark Mayer, LCMN NICHD 
Friday 12/08/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Propagation of Neural Activity in the Developing Mammalian Retina Does Not Require Fast Synaptic Transmission   Josh Singer, NINDS (Marla Feller Lab / Jeff Diamond Lab) 
Friday 12/01/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  The Dialogue Between Prefrontal Cortex and Brainstem During Visuomotor Behavior in Primates   Marc Sommer, NEI (Bob Wurtz Lab) 
Friday 11/17/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Inhibition of axotomy-induced neuron apoptosis by anthrax toxin mediated delivery of Bcl-xL   Xiu Huai Liu, NINDS (Richard Youle Lab) 
Friday 10/27/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Modulation of Kv3.2 K+ channels determines interneuron fast spiking   Marco Atzori, NICHD (Chris McBain Lab) 
Friday 10/13/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Selective Visual Attention   Andrew Rossi, NIMH (Leslie Ungerleider Lab) 
Friday 09/29/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Disrupting the Gate in Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels   David Hackos, NINDS (Kenton Swartz Lab) 
Friday 09/15/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Adult neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus   Heather Cameron, NINDS (Ron McKay's Lab) 
Friday 05/26/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Mechanisms Underlying Dopamine and Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Interactions in the Striatum: Combining Molecular and Electrophysiological Approaches   Pam Voulalas, NINDS (Steve Hyman Lab) 
Friday 05/05/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  The role of proton-gated Na+ channels in nociception   Chih-Cheng Chen, NIMH (Andreas Zimmer Lab) 
Friday 04/17/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  The role of Cdk5 in the nervous system: Learning from the Cdk5 conventional and conditional knockout mice   Motoyuki Hirasawa, NIDCR (Ashok Kulkarni Lab) 
Friday 03/17/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Fine-tuning sonic hedgehog signaling during development: a role for the G protein regulator RGS2   Kenji Kasai, NINDS (Heinz Arnheiter Lab) 
Friday 02/18/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Regulation of the cholinergic phenotype via transcription from the cholinergic gene locus   Burkhard Schütz, NIMH (Lee Eiden Lab) 
Friday 01/14/00 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Regulation of glial cell proliferation and differentiation through neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels   Cristina Ghiani, NICHD (Vittorio Gallo Lab) 
Friday 12/10/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Functional benefits of striatal transplantation: Learning to use a graft   Peter Brasted, NIMH (Steve Wise Lab) 
Friday 11/05/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Rhythms and waves in dissociated mammalian retinal cultures   Richard Harris, NINDS (Marla Feller Lab) 
Friday 10/15/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  How neurons regulate intracellular calcium   Natalia Pivovarova, NINDS (Brian Andrews Lab) 
Friday 09/24/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Functional mapping and analysis of neural circuits in vitro with calcium-sensitive dyes: Studies with the brainstem respiratory network   Naohiro Koshiya, NINDS (Jeff Smith Lab) 
Friday 05/14/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Targeting of glutamate receptors   Lania Rubio, NIDCD (Bob Wenthold Lab) 
Friday 04/23/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  The p75 Neurotrophin Receptor Influences Neurotrophin-3 Responsiveness Of Sympathetic Neurons In Vivo   Christine Brennan, NINDS (Story Landis Lab) 
Friday 04/09/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Development of spinal interneurons   Peter Wenner, NINDS (Michael O'Donovan Lab) 
Friday 03/26/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  G-Protein Coupling of Cannibinoid Receptors   Michelle Glass, NIDCD (John Northup Lab) 
Friday 02/26/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Control of Gene Expression in CNS Stem Cells   Richard Josephson, NINDS (Ron McKay Lab) 
Friday 02/12/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Sites in the Ion channel of Glutamate Receptors Regulating Block by Polyamines  Victor Panchenko, NICHD (Mark Mayer Lab) 
Friday 01/22/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Interneurons: Precision Timing Without Lasting Plasticity   Katalin Toth, NICHD (Chris McBain Lab) 
Friday 01/08/99 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Gating Modifier Toxins Define a Voltage-Sensing Domain Conserved in Voltage-Gated Ion Channels   Yingying Li-Smerin, NINDS (Kenton Swartz Lab) 
Friday 12/11/98 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Characterization of a Novel Gene Expressed in the Ventral Striatum: NOAD   Ron Paletzki, NIMH (Chip Gerfen Lab) 
Friday 11/20/98 4:30 Cloisters Rathskeller  Altered Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH) Expression and Migration in Developing Ap-2 Knockout Mice   Phillip Kramer, NINDS (Susan Wray Lab) 


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