National Institutes of Health Nonhuman Primate Neurobiology Research Interest Group
Nonhuman Primate Neurobiology Research Interest Group

Scientists, technicians and students from within the institutes of NIH, from neighboring universities, and from around the world get together to discuss nonhuman primate models in Neurobiology and Development.  Sessions include invited speakers suggested by the membership and journal club sessions where we review specific literature of interest.

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Meetings and Seminars.  For past events click on Archives.  For papers presented by past speakers and in journal clubs, or for various meeting and job announcements, click on Member Bulletin Board.  We typically meet at the NIH Animal Center.  Note that this site is still under construction with links and archives being brought up to date.  We welcome your suggestions about how to improve the functionality of the site.  The group moderator is Matthew Novak.

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