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The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

The mission of GHIG is to unite and strengthen the NIH community interested in and conducting research projects related to the interdisciplinary field of global health. We aim to achieve through a number of regular activities:

  1. A Global Health Seminar Series: We maintain a regular Global Health seminar series, in which NIH-based professionals present their work and discuss the local and global health impact of their science. Additionally, prominent players from outside of NIH, involved in basic biomedical science, clinical science/clinical trials, science and health policy, and public health, are also invited to speak, further highlighting the need for cross-disciplinary collaboration in addressing Global Health concerns.
  2. Global Health Networking Events: Held on a monthly basis, such networking events enable the NIH community, interested in global health issues, an informal venue to explore potential collaboratary opportunities available and form connections with peers, mentors and colleagues.v
  3. A Global Health ListServ: This listserv allows for the communication of relevant global health related seminars and events of interest to the NIH community.
  4. An Annual Global Health Symposium: We aim to organize a regular Global Health Symposium each year, hosting NIH and non-NIH speakers.  This event will provide further networking opportunities, and communicate the work of the Global Health community at NIH in the form of a day-long, on-campus conference.The inaugural symposium, "The Role of Genomics Research in Global Health," took place February 6, 2014 in the Ruth Kirchstein Auditorium, NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.  More information and a link to the videocast of the inaugural symposium can be found by clicking the "Global Health Symposium" tab on the left.

For general questions and comments about GHIG or its seminar series, including speaker suggestions, feel free to contact Rita Czako at

For networking opportunities, sharing online resources, and discussion, NIH fellows, staff, and alumni can join our LinkedIn group.  To subscribe to our listserv, sign up here.

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