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Epidemiology & Clinical Trials Interest Group

campy line-drawing of three peopleThe Epidemiology & Clinical Trials Interest Group (ECTIG) is primarily for NIH staff; however, scientists of other DHHS agencies such as FDA and CDC, as well as other federal agencies, are welcome to participate in the Interest Group's activities on the NIH campus. The purpose of the Interest Group is to provide the diverse community of NIH scientists in epidemiology, biometry, and related fields with a means for:

>> Maintaining a strong alliance within the NIH "epidemiology community" to respond to inter-institute issues regarding epidemiology, biometry, and clinical trials;

>> Discussing research-related, professional, and administrative issues of mutual interest;

>> Keeping abreast of their colleagues' latest research findings and methodological developments;

>> Drawing attention to the significant contributions of epidemiology, biometry, and clinical trials to recent advances in biomedical knowledge; and

>> Interacting with distinguished scientists in epidemiology, biometry, and clinical trials outside of NIH.

In addition to monthly scientific lectures, our group is a co-sponsor of the annual Robert S. Gordon, Jr. Lecture Award in Epidemiology.

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