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Biomedical Computing Interest Group
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BCIG Purpose

The primary purpose of BCIG is to further novel uses of computers and automation in support of clinical care and biomedical research. The group will seek to go beyond the use of computers to enhance or facilitate traditional tasks. We will promote computational methods as a research tool.

Particular areas of interest include data visualization, data mining, machine learning, neural networks, receiver operating characteristic methodology, genetic algorithms, novel data models, novel automation systems, component software development, modern statistical methodology, data base registries, hospital and community health care information systems, and biomedical computing technology transfer.

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BCIG Mission Statement

The mission of the NIH Biomedical Computing Interest Group (BCIG) is to encourage, support and promote good and appropriate computing methodology and technology in all aspects of biomedical research, development, and patient care, and technology sharing in support of the overall NIH mission.

This is to be accomplished through lectures by experts, journal club meetings, sponsored classes, Internet dialog, social gatherings, and a general promotion of camaraderie among immediate and extended NIH biomedical research community members interested and engaged in computational aspects of modern medicine.

The BCIG meets twice a month on the second and fourth Thursdays
in The clinical Center (building 10) in the Medical Board room 2C116

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