National Institutes of Health Glycobiology Interest Group
Glycobiology Interest Group

glyco moleculeThe NIH Glycobiology Interest Group brings together researchers from over 60 NIH and FDA laboratories who share interest in the glycosciences and are involved in studies of glycans and their binding proteins. Glycans represent one of the three major biomacromolecules (polynucleotides, polypeptides, carbohydrates), responsible for the bulk of information transfer in biological systems. Half of all cellular proteins contain carbohydrates.

Glycan binding proteins (lectins) bind to specific cellular glycans/ligands and play important roles in cell recognition, motility/homing to specific tissues, signaling processes, cell differentiation, cell adhesion, microbial pathogenesis and immunological recognition. Intramural NIH and FDA laboratories study glycan structure, synthesis, metabolism, function, and lectin biology, shedding light on important biological processes. 

If you would like do a postdoc in the glycosciences at NIH, are looking for a speaker, or wish to find a collaborator, please review our member list.  You can also search the CRISP database and the list of NIH intramural labs working in specific areas of Glycoscience.

The Glycobiology Interest Group coordinator is Pamela Marino.

Items of Interest:

2nd Annual NIH Glycosciences Research Day - May 28th - Natcher
This years meeting will be Chaired by Dr. John Cipollo, FDA and Co-chaired by Dr. Kelly Ten Hagen, NIDCR

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