National Institutes of Health Drosophila Neurobiology Interest Group
                         Drosophila Neurobiology Interest Group
perhaps drosophia neuronThe Drosophila Neurobiology Interest Group is a small, inter-institute consortium of NIH labs as well as labs from USUHS, and UMD, all of which use the powerful molecular genetic tools available in fruit flies to address questions related to nervous system development, degeneration, or function.

The heart of the DNIG is the biweekly Drosophila Neuroscience Colloquium (DNC) which meets on Fridays at noon in Bldg. 40, Rm. 1201/1203.  The DNC typically consists of an informal seminar on work in progress by a researcher in a member laboratory.  Occasionally, more formal presentations are given by invited outside speakers.  See the Meetings and Seminars schedule for more information.   The i
nterest group leader is Ed Giniger.

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