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immune cell engulfing a bad guyThe Immunology Interest Group (IIG) organizes activities designed to promote information exchange and interactions among NIH scientists interested in the field of immunology, broadly defined.  Interactions are facilitated via weekly meetings on current topics as well as an Annual Immunology Retreat.

All IIG activities are organized by the Steering Committee, whose members are elected annually by the entire IIG community before the Immunology Retreat. The 2015 IIG Steering Committee members are:
Remy Bosselut (Tenured, NCI)
Joshua Farber (Tenured, NIAID)
Ronald Germain (Tenured, NIAID)
Nick Restifo (Tenured, NCI)
Pam Schwartzberg (tenured, NHGRI)
Polly Matzinger (Tenured, NIAID)
Iain Fraser (Tenure-Track, NIAID)
Dan Barber (Tenure-Track, NIAID)
Art Shaffer (Staff Scientist, NCI)
Katrin Mayer-Barber (Tenure-Track, NIAID)
Nicholas Bouladoux (Staff Scientist, NIAID)
Melanie Vacchio (Staff Scientist, NCI)
Carrie Lucas (Fellow, NIGMS)
Audrey Romano (Fellow, NIAID)
Kevin Tosh (Fellow, NIAID)
Fanny Legrand (Fellow, NIAID)

IIG seminars are typically held every Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. in the Lipsett Auditorium in Building 10. Offsite NIH users, for example at Frederick or Twinbrook, can access the live stream via Adobe Connect.  Because of the per user cost of live streaming, on campus users are asked to attend the actual talk and NOT live stream the talks.


Archived copies of IIG seminars ARE available and are free to watch at the IIG Seminar Archives

To join or leave the IIG listserv, IMMUNI-L,
follow these instructions.  For the listserv, you must use the same email address that is listed in the NIH Enterprise Directory

Immunology Principal Investigators within the NIH Intramural Research Program.

Another important immunologic resource on campus is the
Center for Human Immunology.

If you encounter problems on this site or have questions, send e-mail to the NIH SIG Administrator

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